“In this digitally dominating era, its good idea to start you’re branding on social media.”

In this article you will get everything about social media marketing. What is social media marketing? How to start? How to do? And off course it’s benefits.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is one of the most important parts of digital marketing.In simple language you can say it is all about promote your brand on different social media platforms (Facebook/Twitter/Pinintrest/Linked in/Google+).

Social media marketing is a tactics to do branding your product by making interesting and engaging content on social media.Unlike SEO and SEM Social media marketing is less technical.  Even though it’s non-technical there are some rules to do social media marketing. 

How to start social media marketing?

  • It’s always good to start with proper homework and plan with backup plan ready.
  • Start with finalizing proper platform for your business.
  • Start with proper business goal in your mind and perfect plan in your hand.
  • Determining goal is not that easy. Because goal is the thing which push you even though it is in front of you.
  • For deciding goal you need to ask some question to yourself like what you want? Why are you doing? Are you looking for sales or branding?
  • It will help you to understand your goal and then make your plan according to your goal.
  • Then understand your resources, it always good to know what you have? Or who is going to handle your social media.
  • Social media is at most creative field.
  • After deciding goal and finalizing plan for it and once you have perfect person to do this.
  • Then try to understand your audience, know your audience. What they want? What they like/dis like? What time they are on social media platform?  
  • Then time comes for king! Yes, I mean content.
  • Without amazing content you cannot achieve your goal, or not even stand on social media.
  • Innovative, informative, interesting, original, and most importantly useful content is the key for your social media marketing success.

How to do social media marketing?

Below are few points to cover all social media marketing process.

  • Decide your goals, this is very first step.
  • Calculate your assets
  • Understand your audience
  • Create unique and engaging content
  • Make a schedule, this is also effective factor, if you are not schedule it properly all your efforts will waste.
  • Make sure about your quality rather than your quantity.
  • Be innovative
  • Analyze your each and every post
  • Make changes as per the analysis report
  • Make separate report daily/weekly/monthl

Social media marketing platforms

With so many other benefits like lead generation/branding/conversion main important point is it’s a two way media you have chance to talk with your prospects your clients and also hear them.

There are many social media marketing platforms like Facebook/linkedin/twitter/tumbler/youtube/instragram

All platforms are their own rules and regulation also they have their own pros and cons.

Some gives result in one business not necessary will give same results for other business.  

For eg. Facebook is very good for branding and local service oriented business

While as linked in is good for big brands and getting employment.

Although there is some differences one thing is common for all platforms are you shall visible continuously on your selected platforms. Social media memory is very short! But be aware for negative publicity. One negative review will directly affect your 10 new customers and sometime destroy your one month efforts too.  

Just make sure that your product or service is the topic of conversation. If no one is talking about you, it’s a warning bail!  

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